Revenge of the nerds: BK’s tech sector is 83% bigger than it was 10 years ago

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Quick, which ones are freelancers and which ones are full-timers? via flickr user Heather Buckley

Hear ye, hear ye! Brooklyn’s tech game is beating out every other borough. The Center for an Urban Future released a comprehensive analysis of the city’s tech sector, using research culled from the Department of Labor. Results show that our borough leads the city in growing tech sectors, with a stunning 83% increase in jobs over the past decade. We even trumped (sorry) Manhattan: the island came up second, with only a 79% increase in tech jobs. 

The report also shows that 36% Brooklyn’s tech workers were self-employed; the number of part-time freelancers in the sector has grown 103% in the past decade. Startups, anyone?

These statistics are especially impressive considering the borough is home to only 9% of the city’s total tech sector positions—Manhattan holds 83% of jobs in the field.


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