Return that Christmas tree to the Earth during Mulchfest next weekend

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Sure, it was nice. But won’t last forever. via Flickr user takfoto

You might think you can keep Christmas alive as long as your Christmas tree is up in the corner of your apartment, but we have bad news for you: as soon as people throw up their seasonal goodwill towards man at the same time they throw up their New Year’s Eve refreshments. Now is the time for winter grumpiness, and that includes not finding joy in a browning, shedding Christmas tree making a mess everywhere. But you can still do something good with it: if you don’t want to make mulch with your tree yourself, you can drop your tree off to be mulched at locations around Brooklyn, during the city’s Mulchfest next Saturday and Sunday.

When you think about it, it’s probably what the tree wants, since it’s will then be used to help grow more trees on the Earth from whence it came. You can check out this map, put together by the Parks Department, for locations that will welcome people dropping off trees to feed into the chipper on Saturday January 11 and Sunday January 12, between 10am and 2pm. Just make sure your tree is cleaned of all ornaments, tinsel and cats before you hand it over the people doing the mulching. And if you want, you can even stick around and walk away with your own bag of mulch! Though what you’ll do with it if you don’t have a garden, we’re not too sure.

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They've got telescopes and binoculars and are ready to watch, "up to 20 meteors per hour," during the shower's peak this weekend.


Feelin' frisky today, eh Parks Department?


Christmas is over, and it's time for us to leave all that crap about kindness towards our fellow human and hearts bursting with charity...


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