Play with rescue puppies and drink cheap pints at Coney Island this Sunday

If you 1. Love dogs, 2. Love beer, and 3. Love not spending a lot of money, then oh (good) boy are you gonna dig this: Puppies n’ Pints, a happy hour series that connects rescue dogs with potential owners, is throwing a free event ($10 suggested donation at the door to support local shelters) at Coney Island Brewery this Sunday, May 21, from 2 to 5pm.

Puppies n’ Pints partners with local shelters, so attendees can play with rescue dogs and learn more about the adoption process. Money from the happy hours are donated to the shelters (for Sunday’s event, every $2 from each beer sold will be donated), so you can feel like you’re actually doing some good by buying a beer and getting day-drunk.


Come on, drink beer and pet this lil guy. Otherwise he might never know if he's a good boy or not. Photo via @pupsnpints
Come on, drink beer and pet this lil guy. Otherwise he might never know if he’s a good boy or not. Photo via @pupsnpints

Past events have been held at the Brooklyn Brewery and Urban Outfitters’ Space Ninety 8 in Williamsburg, but this Sunday’s event will be held in Coney Island, just in time for the first heatwave of the summer. What better welcome to Coney could you want than adorable puppies (eight in total), scenic beach views, and cheap beer.

The event also encourages people to bring their own dogs, so you can take your pet to make new friends (or, if you’re pet-less, you’ll get to frolic around on the beach with a whole horde of dogs). If you don’t come with a dog, don’t be surprised if you’re ready to leave with one at the end.


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