Report: Brooklyn is world’s 5th most expensive place for clothes

Fox's in Midwood Brooklyn
Apparently, they haven't heard of Fox's.

So there’s this site called Xpatulator that runs cost of living comparisons of the 950 cities/regions worldwide where someone might move to from somewhere else. They just came out with a worldwide cost of living report, and there is one especially curious data point about Brooklyn.

Our borough is not only home to the Man Bun, but the world’s fifth most expensive place for clothing. It is pricier to buy clothes only in Minsk, Manhattan, Belarus (all areas) and Sao Paolo. Paris is #39. London is #82. Moscow, where they wear fur socks and underwear (don’t they?)  is #21. And sorry, Giorgio, lowly Milan is way down there at #264.


Clothing on Xpatulator is described as “clothing and footwear products, business suits, casual clothing, childrens clothing and footwear, coats and hats, evening wear, shoe repairs, and underwear.” Sounds reasonable enough. But how is this possible?

Brooklyn of the Kurt Cobain sweaters and stoop-sale jeans? We have gobs of Bobby’s, Cookies, Rainbows, all of Church Avenue, and those places with the pink bags (not Conran’s, but… help us out… Conway). But there’s only one Barneys — and it’s a Coop. The J. Crew creative director lives here, but she’s selling her place. Is there a boutique in Bay Ridge selling diamond-encrusted thongs that we don’t know about?

We wrote to the site for clarification, but their offices are in Cyprus. (Maybe they’re factoring travel time to Hayden Harnett?)

In the meantime, here’s a link to Xpatulator’s overall cost of living index for Brooklyn, and our rankings in other categories below. At least our subways count for something:

Overall Cost of Living rank: 29
Clothing: 5
Restaurants, Meals Out and Hotel: 11
Personal care: 27
Furniture and appliances: 34
Household accomodation: 37
Recreation and culture: 37
Food: 39
Alcohol & Tobacco costs: 60
Education: 102
Healthcare: 142
Communications: 350
Transportation: 388

Also, Brooklyn’s overall hardship ranking is only 10 percent, which is relative good news. But don’t they know SOUTHPAW IS CLOSING?

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  1. localgirl

    I find the boutiques in Brooklyn (5th Ave Park Slope, Smith Street, Greenpoint Bedford and surrounding area in Williamsburg) to be really crazy expensive e.g. Bird, Catbird, pinky otto, hayden hartnett, etc. Some of the vintage stores are also way overpriced – Malin Landaeus, uh really?

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