How renters insurance can protect you from the ultimate buzzkill

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With football season, the World Series, and Halloween looming, that means there are more people gathering for parties and get-togethers. Sounds fun, but more activity means more opportunities for accidents and injured guests.

That’s why the personal liability coverage in your renters insurance is so important. It covers a wide range of accidents that could potentially lead to a lawsuit against you. And that’s a buzzkill. Here are examples of a few of them.

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1. Party Damage

If your guest trips and falls in your apartment and sues you, they might not be getting an invitation back, but you are covered — as you are if your guests converge on your bathroom at halftime and flood out the downstairs neighbor.

Gotham says: Even if you are sued because someone who has been drinking at your place later has an accident elsewhere, coverage also applies.

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2. Injured Workers

If you are having your house party catered and an employee is injured and sues you, that party could get to be very expensive — if you don’t have renters insurance.

Gotham Says: It is the renter’s responsibility to warn employees about any risks in your home. You would be covered if your alleged negligence results in an injury and a lawsuit. But coverage would usually not apply at any for-profit event.

renter's insurance nyc

3. Dog bites

More than 15,000 dog bite claims were filed in 2015, and the cost per claim reached an all-time high — $37,214 (ouch!).

Gotham says:  Some apartment insurance policies exclude dog bites, but many will cover you — unless you have a bad-reputation breed (doberman, pit bull).

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