Remodel this weekend with a 50% off storewide sale at Film Biz Recycling

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Oh, like you can live without this thing in your apartment now that you’ve seen it. via Facebook

Tired of looking at the furniture you’ve had since you’ve moved to New York? Going with the floordrobe system of storing your clothes and all your friends are making fun of you even though it’s a totally awesome way to store your clothes? Well, good news for you, because you can get enough new old furniture to last a lifetime this weekend, because Film Biz Recycling is selling everything in their store at a 50% discount.

Yep, everything. Well, everything except for rentals, and that makes sense because you rent those. But otherwise, every couch, table, dresser, knick-knack and whatever the hell that thing up there is can be had for half the usual cost. Now obviously you wouldn’t want to actually replace all of your furniture, but you could probably. Plus, everything there has previously been part of movie magic, so you’ll have the added cache of owning famous furniture. Just don’t pick something up from a haunted movie shoot and you should be fine.

OH, and a bonus. They’ve got this big ass troll thing that you can take a picture in front of while you’re there shopping. Why pass up the opportunity, as long as it’s there?

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