New Music Friday: Reformed Whores make twangy country songs about getting eaten out

Katy Frame and Marie Cecile Anderson of Reformed Whores
Katy Frame and Marie Cecile Anderson of Reformed Whores

Attention readers! New Music Tuesday is now New Music Friday, because album release date is Friday so we finally caught up. 

For our inaugural New Music Friday post, we’re here to bring you the Southern-bred, Brooklyn-based, musical comedy sounds of Reformed Whores. Reformed Whores is a two-piece band comprised of Marie Cecile Anderson, who hails from Nashville, and Katy Frame, who grew up in Maryland, who describe themselves as “if Tenacious D and Dolly Parton got drunk and had a baby.” The two are now based out of Brooklyn, but bring their Southern roots to their delightfully twangy, hilariously filthy country songs. And, they’re perennial Brokelyn favorites: they graced the stage at our No Office Holiday Party last Christmas. Their new album Don’t Beat Around The Bush: Songs That Hit The Spot, is out today. 


Reformed Whores at the No Office Holiday Party 2015 from Brokelyn and the skint. Photo by Alix Piorun.
Reformed Whores at the No Office Holiday Party 2015 from Brokelyn and the skint. Photo by Alix Piorun.

Both Anderson and Frame sing, and Anderson plays the ukulele, while Frame brings the guitar, washboard, and accordion. They’re as adorable as the aforementioned Dolly and as dirty as the D.

They’re well versed in playing comedy shows at clubs around the country, and will be headlining Zannie’s comedy club in Illinois April 14-16. But they’re also experienced touring musicians: they’ve toured with Les Claypool of Primus, and will soon embark on an East Coast tour with Dweezil Zappa, son of wacky music legend Frank Zappa.

Both Anderson and Frame are thrilled to open for Zappa, and say that he embodies his father’s insane musical talent. Both acts have something else in common: they’ve both funded their albums by setting up a PledgeMusic, which is kind of like a Kickstarter, but specifically for musicians.

“More and more artists are realizing that they don’t need to be under the thumb of a label to produce an album,” Anderson said. “Raising money via PledgeMusic makes that possible.”



Reformed Whores already funded their album, which is available today, but Dweezil Zappa is still seeking funding, if any of you reading this have a couple extra dollars kicking around. Even if mostly you just think his dad was really fucking cool, and his face was on your favorite tee shirt that said “WWZD (What Would Zappa Do) that maybe someone stole from you in college. Okay, maybe that last part is just me.

Reformed Whores do comedy, and music, and both show up on their cool new album. They look sweet, but they get pretty raunchy: songs on this upcoming album include “Eating Out,” an ode to cunnilingus, so maybe don’t play it for your little old Southern grandmother (unless she knows how to party).

The Whores will also be gracing the stage at Industry City Distillery’s Cathouse Variety Show on April 1. Be sure to check their website for upcoming tour dates, or swing by one of their favorite Brooklyn spots: they love to play at Cobra Club in Bushwick, Union Hall in Park Slope, and The Bell House in Gowanus. They’re also big fans of Littlefield, which is where we had our very exciting holiday party last Christmas.

To close this very serious interview between three very serious ladies, I asked Frame and Anderson where they thought this fictitious meeting between Dolly Parton and Tenacious D, which spawned the adorably offbeat sounds of Reformed Whores, may have taken place: they predicted that both involved parties would have met at Robert’s Western World, a music hall in Nashville known for hosting the world’s best musicians on a nightly basis. Years later, their progeny (Reformed Whores) would prance into their birthplace, and one, big, medically impossible musical family would dance and drink shots of Fireball well into the wee hours of the night.

So, there you have it. Check out Reformed Whores and their new album, Don’t Beat Around The Bush: Songs That Hit The Spot, available today!

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