Re/Dress NYC $10 sidewalk sale

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In need of some last minute retail therapy? No need to leave the sun behind! Re/Dress NYC, located in Boerum Hill and a favorite of Brokelyn’s own Caroline Shadood, is holding a last minute $10 vintage dress sidewalk sale on 7/26, which is today. Located at 109 Boerum Place between Pacific & Dean, the store has 4 racks of vintage dresses outside (think 1950’s through 1980’s) in sizes ranging from 8 to 20. What’s the deal? The store is currently closed for renovations so they’ve moved some choice goods onto the pavement for one day only for your shopping pleasure. Note: Cash only so come prepared.

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  1. They aren’t doing much to inspire me to continue to be a customer. The owner is rude. The store has a few gems and the stock seemed to be improving, but I’ve experienced it declining in the past month or so into an ill-curated mess.

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