Reality TV wants Brooklyn’s hotties, fashion designers

Project Runway wants some BK stitches for next season
Project Runway wants some BK stitches for next season

If you’re either one of the two, you’ve got a chance to make your mark on reality TV. And if you’re both a well-tanned hottie and fashion designer… we don’t want to hear about it. There are a couple of casting calls going on right now that are bound to land Brooklyn in the reality TV spotlight. Project Runway is looking for Brooklyn clothing designers for next season, and the upcoming beach-party-of-a-show Brooklyn Beach Club is looking for anyone tanned, toned, oiled and willing to party. In case you weren’t entirely clear on where Brooklyn’s TV personality was headed.

Project Runway‘s casting their designer net with the help of our friends at the trendy W’Burg discount boutique PeachFrog, so that should give you a sense of what the show’s looking for. All you need to have a shot for the show are some seamless sewing skills, a fashion sense and a few (5-6) recently made garments. For more info, call PeachFrog at 718-387-3224, and ask for Norton or Howard. Casting is this Friday, May 7, so call soon.

Moving on to all the stuff under the clothes, Brooklyn Beach Club is looking for “hot guys and sexy gals who want to spend their summer on the beach in Brooklyn.” If you showed up for your Brighton Beach audition just slightly-too-scantily-clad, this is the show for you. Note, you must “appear” to be between 21 and 30, and yes, a photo is required. And, oh yeah, be in touch with your “best asset” too. All the info’s here.

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