Reality show seeks co-workers to punch each other

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You don’t box wearing suits, that would just be ridiculous. via Facebook

You guys work with someone that you just completely hate? That you’d punch in the fact if it weren’t for the fact that you’d get fired and arrested and also they’ve got like 20 pounds on you? Well, Esquire Network’s White Collar Brawlers, the show where adults solve their adult problems with fists instead of words, is casting for their second season and wants co-workers who want to punch the shit out of each other to sign up.

Finally, all you people in Bushwick and Williamsburg who are tired of being called your office’s “token hipster” can get some boxing training and furiously punch at the face of the person you hate, free of any legal consequences! All you need to do to sign up be at least 24-years-old, fill out this form here (and sign up a co-worker/opponent without telling them) and then wait around for the call. If you get picked, you get a bunch of free boxing training, which is good. On the other hand, the person you box also gets free boxing training, so that could be bad.

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