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Exhibit of paintings of Real Housewives Pointing Fingers coming to Crown Heights museum

From a joke idea to honor Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan came a humble Kickstarter, and from there the Olsen twins museum you never knew you needed. Since the breakout success of what began as an online request for $75 to, “blow up pictures really big,” Viviana Olen and Matt Harkins, cofounders of the THNK1994 museum, have been taking first the hallway of their Williamsburg apartment and now a formal space in Crown Heights by storm with the exhibits Brooklyn may not need, but certainly deserves. Next up on their roster of oughts burnouts: Real Housewives Pointing Fingers.

“We at the THNK1994 Museum are excited to present what we feel will be the most important exhibit we will ever do,” the cofounders wrote in a press release. After much contemplation, they expounded upon the obvious relevance of the Housewives relevance to Brooklyn’s current state, writing us in an email, “We think the singular Brooklyn Housewife Alex McCord’s words would be powerful here ‘I am in Brooklyn!'”


"Sheree Whitfield Pointing at her Party Planner" acrylic on panel painting by @lauracollinsart

The exhibit will include original paintings of Real Housewives. The Real Housewives in the original paintings will be pointing, and, “your heart rate will rise even if you didn’t steal your sister’s goddamned house.” In addition to the exhibit, there will also be a series of relevant events like a Real Housewives Symposium: Pointing Edition! on October 13, Housewives 101: An Introduction on October 20, and The Show That Stirs The Drink: Real Housewives Alcohol Toasting on November 3. Tickets for all the events can be found here.

Unimpressed by the Realness of their Housewives commitment? There’s more! The exhibit will also include several original paintings of Real Housewives’ pets, The Last Supper represented as Real Housewives and a video installation featuring The Pointer Sisters’ greatest hits.

The Housewives will be Pointing from October 7 to November 12 at 1436 Atlantic Ave. The THNK Museum is open 12-7pm Wednesday – Sunday. The permanent collection will also be on display.


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