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Reader tip: $20 margarita pitchers at La Taqueria

La Taqueria margarita. Photo by Jill Harrison.
La Taqueria margarita. Photo by Jill Harrison.

I am an extremely broke person, but I can’t stop going out, so I am always on the lookout for great deals. You guys saved my summer. Anyway, my tip is the margaritas at La Taq (sit down restaurant)/La Taqueria (take-out) at 72 7th Ave. It’s my go-to spot to meet up with my friends. Last weekend, my friends and I got 6+ glasses of margaritas out of one of their $20 pitchers. It’s dirt cheap, and let me tell you—they don’t mess around with the tequila. I recommend the frozen margaritas, as the ones on the rocks are maybe a little too intense. The food’s good too, and you can get a meal for under $10. If you go to the sit down side, you get a free basket of chips with their delicious salsa even if you’re not eating. Enjoy!

Thanks, Emily, for a great tip, and congrats on winning a new Brokelyn t-shirt! Everyone else please send your scoops here—we’ll send you a complimentary tshirt if we are able to print yours. (Please include addresses and phone numbers of the places you write about.) And if anyone else has some cheap booze suggestions, please chime in.

La Taqueria, 72 Seventh Ave. (between Berkeley & Lincoln), (718) 398-4300

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