Reader poll: Is Brokelyn rich enough?

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The graph you’re looking at is a demographic profile of Brokelyn readers according to Quantcast, one of those sites that measures web-site traffic. We don’t put too much stock in it (cause Google Analytics says we’re getting plenty more traffic than this outfit) and plus it’s too creepy to imagine where this data even comes from. But we couldn’t help noticing that according to them, our highest category of readers are people with a household income of $100k-plus. That’s not necessarily a hard number to achieve, especially if you have seven roommates or even just two—your parents—but it did make us wonder whether there may be some under-served swells among you that we could be doing more to help. To assist with future editorial planning, please take a moment to choose from some possible stories for the site, add your own, or… send us a check. — The Editors


  1. Interesting demographics. It’s possible that people who are making more money may also be well-informed and erudite. Chicken and egg, who is to say why. The broader demographics of Brooklyn are not these, so there has got to be something to it.

  2. Um, could you maybe do a piece about top 10 things to do to get paparazzi to follow you?
    Or like, best ways to spend the afternoons for the un-needing-of-employment?

    That would really help me out.

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