Queens is the new Brooklyn (expensive)!

Congratulations, Queens! via Flickr user Thomas Hawk
Congratulations, Queens! via Flickr user Thomas Hawk

Queens has been prophesied to be a new Brooklyn for some time now, even if no one exactly knows what they mean when that tag is applied to a city. And while the two places will never be exactly the same, Queens has at least become like Brooklyn in one aspect: soul-crushing rent. For this month anyway, the median rent in Queens is higher than Brooklyn’s. Enjoy it, suckers!

The news comes from everyone’s favorite monthly doomsayer, the Douglas Elliman market report, which says median rents in Queens are $3,016/month, while in Brooklyn we’re over here counting all the money we’re saving by spending a median of $2,968/month on rent. Hah! You know what we’re doing with that extra $48? We’re hoarding it actually, in preparation for our next rent increase. But we could be doing something fun with it if we felt like it and weren’t afraid.

The only apartment type with a higher median rent in Brooklyn than Queens is a studio apartment, which has a median rent of $2,523/month in Brooklyn against $2,490/month in Queens. Otherwise, 1-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms and 3-bedrooms have zoomed past Brooklyn in terms of median rent. What will come next? Well, Queens folks, first there’ll be some panic, then there’ll be some crying and finally acceptance. And then after THAT there’ll be a plague of trend stories about how everyone’s moving to Queens and then people writing “Why I’m Leaving Queens” essays. My godit’sit’s already begun!

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