Quinn and the gang: Dem. mayoral candidates to appear at BK Forum

It'll look a little something like this
It’ll look a little something like this

Did you think that just because we elected a president that you were done with people talking about it being an election year? Sorry skippy, there’s no escape for you yet. Next year during the midterms maybe, but that’s in the future. Here in the present, New York very much has a case of the electoral fever, with everyone with even a ounce of ambition trying to be the next mayor. Yep, that’s right, our mild billionaire mayor might believe he’s a king, but Mike Bloomberg will actually be gone next year. And next week is a chance for you to meet some of the people who may replace him.

The Brooklyn Reform Coalition, an umbrella organization made up of six different Brooklyn Democratic clubs, is hosting all of the Democratic candidates at a forum at St. Francis College on Wednesday, April 3 at 6pm. That list, if you’re unaware is made up of: Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson, Bill Deblasio, John Liu and Sal Albanese. Unlike some of the other seemingly infinite number of mayoral forums, this one doesn’t have a specific topic in mind, and it also only includes the left side of the ticket. It is an event sponsored by a Democratic coalition after all. Plus, Republicans Joe Lohta and John Catsimatidis are too busy playing I Love the 90s and talking about robots to attend, we assume.

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