Quick tip: How to get gay married in a hurry

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Sunday is the biggest of big days for New York’s gay couples: same-sex marriage finally comes out of the closet and gets all GGG and DTF for the state’s plentiful eager partners. To handle the flood, the city opened a lottery to pick the 764 marriages to be performed on Sunday, only 112 of which will be in BK. The lottery runs from noon today through noon Thursday; winners will be notified Friday. Enter the lottery and start filling out the license application. So how much does this groundbreaking civil rights event/decimation of American values cost? Just $35, and the ceremony takes only a minute!

City Council speaker Christine Quinn, a leader in the fight for marriage equality, also hinted to the NY Post there might be something special in store for the first wedded couples.

“There might be a surprise or two,” she said.

But if you’re waiting for a bigger wedding affair, you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of these same sex wedding deals and venue.

UPDATE: Brooklyn Borough Hall will be open Sunday and Monday to perform ceremonies and celebrate with free champagne, sparkling water, cake and photographs.



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