Go to Prospect Park and see this cool bird

This's a cool bird... via Flickr user Will Pollard
This bird…it’s a cool bird… via Flickr user Will Pollard

It’s cold and rainy outside, so ordinarily we wouldn’t tell you that going to the park should be at the top of your list of things to do. However! You shouldn’t just barricade yourself indoors when it gets cold, and you especially shouldn’t do it when there’s a rare, Technicolor bird hanging out at Prospect Park like there is right now. Sure you could stare at it through a screen, but the wonder of nature is best experienced in person.

Everyone is going crazy for this damn bird, a kind of cardinal known as the Painted Bunting. Over at DNA Info, one person who saw it compared it to “a unicorn coming out of the fog,” while at the Post, they quote another bird watcher as saying that people are “losing their shit” over the bunting. The Post also notes that it’s the first time a Painted Bunting has ever been seen in Brooklyn, and that only 10 have ever been seen in all of New York City since 1927. If you also want to see this cool-ass bid, a LeFrak Center spokesperson told Patch that you should go in to the park through the Lincoln Road entrance and then follow the huge crowd of people near the Center going ape shit trying to find this cool-ass bird.

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