Put down that remote: ABC starts streaming online today

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We assume Alex Trebek is just as smug on the Internet as he is on TV (via Facebook)

For most of us brokesters, real television is a myth, existing only through (often filched) Netflix and Hulu accounts, and on free websites with a questionable number of pop-up ads and a lot of subtitles. And while those websites are great for binge-consuming Breaking Bad and maybe contracting a computer virus, sometimes it’s easy to miss the basic comfort of zoning out on a couch in front of Wheel of Fortune and the 6 o’clock news. But good news, folks: ABC’s going to start streaming their broadcast to cable subscribers online, and for the first six weeks, the service is free for everyone!

That’s right – you will no longer be relegated to watching Jeopardy clips on YouTube to get your Potent Potables fix, at least for six weeks. The streaming starts on ABC’s website today after ABC’s debuts it at the TV upfronts, though it will only be available in New York and Philadelphia to start. Hooray for us!

Of course, the real bummer here is that the free streaming will only last for a little bit, and afterwards users will have to show they’re subscribed to a cable provider in order to use it. It’s unclear whether or not this service will work the same way as HBO GO does, where multiple computers can be hooked up to one subscriber, or whether just one sad subscriber can watch Modern Family on their computer and TV at the same time (WHAT A WORLD). Then again, this is the first time a television channel has upped the ante to full stream, and it’s looking more and more like those Sony flatscreens are headed for the museum soon. But the real question is, will ABC streaming work on Google Glasses soon?

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