Sew savvy! Punderdome champ/Brokelyn editor Sam Corbin slays 50 fashion puns in 2 minutes

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Watch the video to see how Corbin makes a pun out of Givenchy

She may be marooned in the Canadian woods for the summer, probably wearing overalls daily (and looking cute as hell in them, duh), but Punderdome champion and Brokelyn editor Sam Corbin has certainly not lost her fashion sense, nor her ability to dazzle an audience with syntactical acrobatics and flying puns.

Just watch this video InStyle released this morning, in which Corbin tells a story about a ski trip with her friend “Gigi” that goes downhill fast (that was all me!) using 50 fashion puns, from “A-line” to “Zara.” Whether the extent of your fashion knowledge stops at “button” or you can ID every household name from Armani to Vera Wang, this video is sure to knock your Saks off.

If you like what you see, you can catch the next Punderdome show July 26 at Highline Ballroom. Corbin won’t be competing, but past Punderdome champions will face off against New York Post headline writers.

We miss you Sam! Want to write for Brokelyn so you too can launch a career in professional pun-ditry? Get in touch here!

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