Punch your ticket to film stardom, enter Nitehawk’s short film festival today

nitehawk shorts festival
These people will be seeing your movie. That’s pretty cool. via Facebook

Are you a budding or unknown film genius putting in work on YouTube or Vimeo, wondering when Upowrthy or ViralNova or whoever will rocket one of your cool short films to a brief acclaimed existence? Eff that, we have a much better idea. Submit your good movie to the Nitehawk Shorts Festival, and if it gets picked, it can be shown at Nitehawk, a real movie theater.

If you’ve got a movie that’s 20 minutes or under and was made between 2013 and 2015, well guess what? You’re eligible to submit it to Nitehawk’s short film festival, happening from November 11 – 15, and see your baby up there on a big screen. And other people will be watching, it’s not being shown on the screen just because you broke in the theater and screened it while no one was there!¬†You can submit a film of any form for either the General Festival screening, the Midnite Movie screening or the Music Video screening.

If you move quick and get your film uploaded to Vimeo and sent in through the proper channels by July 6, it’ll only run you $10. After that, it’s $20 to enter through August 10 and $40 to enter up until the deadline of August 24. From there, who knows who’ll see it? Williamsburg is full of all kinds of crazy money these days, so maybe one of Tom Hanks’ other rich layabout sons who wants to get into producing will be there, will see your movie and give you a wheelbarrow full of money for it.

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