Pssst… wanna write for us?

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Writing for Brokelyn can make you THIS happy. Just ask Kelly and Alison.

There are so many benefits to being a Brokelyn contributor: picking cans out of the trash, getting a fire hydrant blast to the face and being pimped out for dates by the editors. See also: perfecting the art of booze-smuggling, riding a moped, surviving Internet haters and sleeping in strangers’ living rooms. Did we mention becoming a trusted source on bar wifi, guaranteed admission to rad parties? We could go on and on about the many perks of Club Brokelyn membership, but we already have. If you’d like to join the volunteer ranks of our good-time gang, email Tim with some story ideas that you’d like to write. Please note that if you’re trying to write articles just to get laid, we don’t run those kinds of blog posts here on Brokelyn.


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