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Prospect Heights pizza smackdown: Which ristorante reigns supreme for date night?

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Franny’s has the name and the wait, but should it be where you go for pizza and romance? Photos by Natasia Langfelder

As a born and bred Brooklyn girl, there’s nothing I love more than a cheesy slice of pizza. However, my fiancé can kind of take it or leave it. I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but lately fancy pizza ‘ristorantes’ have been popping up everywhere, especially in Prospect Heights. In an effort to turn her into a pizza lover, I decided to drag her around the neighborhood to find the perfect pizzeria for a romantic date night. Now, I love a classic slice but if there’s no vino and candlelight, then there’s no way it can be date night. Read on to find out which Prospect Heights pizza spot should host your next date!

348 Flatbush Ave
(718) 230-0221

We started at the popular Prospect Height’s spot Franny’s. There was a 40 minute wait for a table, so I was glad that I was with someone I liked. The dim lighting at Franny’s is totally optimal when it comes to looking your best, but it’s also really loud. We ordered the ricotta, buffalo mozzarella, basil, garlic and hot peppers pizza.

It was delicious – the hot peppers gave the pizza a slow heat and the cheese was hot and salty. The only sad part was that each slice was about half filling and half crust. I also wasn’t anywhere near being full when we were done. Which personally made me sad, but it can be a good thing – after a date you don’t want to feel grossly full of cheese and oil. We agreed that we would definitely go back to Franny’s; but maybe with a bunch of friends in tow.

Cost for the pie: $18.00

Romance Score: Ke$ha and her entourage covered in glitter


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For legacy and dadbod atmosphere, Patsy’s is the place

450 Dean St, Brooklyn
(718) 622-2268

When I was growing up, my dad would tell me that Patsy’s pizza is the best pizza in all of New York. So when I heard they were opening up a Prospect Heights location, I almost died. #truestory. I was a little biased when we walked through the doors at their brand new Dean street location. Patsy’s has truly prepared for their Brooklyn clientele, boasting a wooden patio decked out with string lights and plenty of high chairs. I anxiously ordered a vodka pie with sausage. Would Patsy’s hold up to my childhood expectations and remain the best pizza of all time?

The short answer is yes and no. Patsy’s has perfected the art of the thin crust, “high end” pizza that still retains the classic hearty pizza taste. I was super satisfied after our pie. You’ll notice from the picture that the filling went all the way to the edge of the crust. The one problem with Patsy’s? They don’t have their liquor license! But they are working on it. We would definitely go back, but there were a lot of (well behaved) kids, which has affected Patsy’s romance score.

Cost for the Pie: $15.00

Romance Score: Jon Bon Jovi with dadbod


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Most importantly, Amorina has the best pizza

624 Vanderbilt Ave
(718) 230-3030

Amorina is a little gem of a restaurant and decorated like your nonna’s house. The red-checked tablecloths and Christmas lights create a cozy atmosphere for both neighborhood regulars and hipster couples. We ordered the ‘Will to Live’ special pizza on the menu, which had homemade sausage and dragon tongue beans.

This was hands down, my favorite pizza of the tour. The pizza was heaping with cheese, the sausage was the perfect spicy savory topping and the dragon tongue beans gave it a satisfying crunch. My fiancé agreed, albeit not as enthusiastically. She was more fond of the atmosphere – quiet enough so we could hear each other but also full enough to be lively and fun.

Cost for the Pie: $18.50

Romance Score: A Kindly and Experienced Mrs. Robinson


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Sext: Ogliastro pizzas

784 Washington Avenue
(718) 789-3700

Ogliastro provided us with the most visually appealing pies of the tour. Like Patsy’s, they have a wooden patio with string lights that is delightful to sit on outside in summer. Ogliasto’s menu is full of imaginative pizzas. We settled on the Carbonara (fior di latte, guanciale, fresno chili, pecorino, black pepper, egg yolk, scallion) and the Giardino (fresh tomato, fior di latte, garlic, zucchini, eggplant, red pepper coulis).

Both the pizzas are beautiful but a little lacking in something. For all the ingredients in the pizza, neither one packed a punch in the flavor department. It was just kind of bland. That being said, it’s a great place to go on a date. Maybe with someone who makes you so nervous you can’t eat in front of them anyway.

Cost for the Pie: $18.00 and $14.00

Romance Score: “Candy” Era Mandy Moore


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The only downside is you’ll eat too much to be comfortable looking for love

Broccolino/ Pizza Superstar
446A/B Dean Street
(718) 678-4200/ (347) 763-0440

Five pies in, I have lost my fiancé. Luckily, we are still engaged; but she’s no longer participating in the eating of the pizzas. I grab a friend and keep the pizza party going. Broccolino, Patsy’s and Pizza Superstar are all located on the same short block on Dean street. There is nothing on this block but pizza. Shortly after being seated, we ask the waiter what’s up with that. Apparently, Pizza Superstar and Broccolino are owned by the same people and have the same chef! So that’s what up with that. #Protip- you can order from both Broccolino or Pizza Superstar at either location.

The Pizza Superstar menu is huge! So many different pizzas to choose from. We end up getting pretty wild with the toppings, so this is a good place to bring a date who is adventurous.

We decide to get buckwild and order three pizzas – Amatriciana (tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, onions & pancetta, Tartufo (fresh mozzarella, truffle sauce, mushroom & speck), and the Funghi e Brie (tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, mushroom, brie cheese and onion.)

“Three pizzas?!” The waiter exclaimed. Don’t pizza-shame me, bro! The pizzas were delivered to the table quickly. They were delicious – the mushrooms were perfectly cooked, the meat was high quality and the sauce was tangy. This probably isn’t the best place for me to go on a date because I ate until my stomach hurt and smelled like truffle oil for a few hours afterward. Also, the actual store front space at these restaurants is pretty small, so you will probably be sitting directly on Flatbush Avenue, which isn’t the most romantic view. It does make for some fun people watching, though.

Cost of Pie: Ranges from $18.00-$21.00

Romance Score: Miley Cyrus Just Bein’ Miley

I know what you’re thinking- did the date night pizza tour make your fiancé love pizza as much as you do!? Dear reader, the answer is no. We probably won’t eat pizza for another month. But we did find some awesome places that we will keep going to.

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