Price check: What $100 buys at Barneys Coop

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A Timex digital watch is $60.

As you may have heard, Trader Joe’s and Urban Outfitters are getting a new neighbor, and his name is Barney. Come this September, Barneys Co-op will open up a new location on Atlantic and Court, solidifying Atlantic Avenue as Brooklyn’s upscale shopping destination. In case you’re wondering if this is a good thing or a bad thing for Brooklyn, and what, really, the difference is between Barneys New York and Barneys Co-op, let’s call the Co-op the artsy little sister.

The clientele is typically younger and the merchandise is more experimental, the Co-op is famous for putting new and emerging designers on the map. While it is lower priced than Barneys NY, contrary to what some may think, it is not a year-round warehouse sale of overstock Barneys merchandise.

I know what you’re thinking: access to fabulous designer clothing in our own backyard is great and all, but I kinda have to pay rent. We here at Brokelyn can relate, and so as an experiment, we scoured the lower depths, price-wise, of the Barneys Co-op website to see what the Cobble Hill outpost holds in store for those of lesser credit limits. Here’s an edited list of things that cost less than $100, many of them on sale:

Rogan jeans

Rogan straight-leg jeans, on sale, one-size only, $59.63.


Ethiopian scarf

Sammy Handmade in Ethiopia scarf, $85.


T by Alexander Wang dress.

T by Alexander Wang cowl dress, $92.


Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, $98.

Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, $98.

Ethiopian wallet

Sammy Handmade in Ethiopia tie-dyed leather wallet, $98.


Picture 30

Converse by John Varvatos sneakers, $95.


Elmer Fudd hat

Elmer Fudd hat, $49.


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  1. Me too. I was at Beacon’s closet a few days ago, and I bet they’d buy this stuff from you after a season or two. Turned out H&M was the best deal in terms of price paid by Beacons vs. price paid by me originally.

  2. Uhh, $49 for a hat is cheap? $92 for sunglasses? $95 for shoes without shoelaces?! Tsk tsk Brokelyn. I expect more vetting from the self-proclaimed site on a budget. I mean as much as I want to look like Elmer Fudd, there’s no way I’d ever spend that much on a hat like that. If anything, you should have told us where to get comparable items on the cheap.

    • We didn’t say they were deals. We said this is what you can expect pricewise when Barneys Co-op opens. It was intended as more of a field mission than any kind of awesome deals list, which it isn’t.

  3. These are deals when compared to Barneys. This doesn’t seem like the place to buy cheap goods, but after reading this article I know what to expect-$100 for a pair of converse…

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