The power of savings: Get 20% off store-wide at powerHouse on 8th next week

powerhouse on 8th
Prepare to save big, ye who enter here.

Do you need to do some holiday shopping for nerds who love to read books. Ugh, the worst, right? Who can read in this Golden Age of Television we’re living in? Well, if you know some people who want books, you should do a little early holiday shopping next week at powerHouse on 8th (1111 8th Avenue, Park Slope), because they’re celebrating their one-year anniversary by offering 20% off all the books and merchandise in the store.

Books aren’t super-expensive as it is, but obviously you may as well grab your discounts where you can get them. Especially at an indie bookstore rather than from Amazon or a chain bookstore. The specifics of the sale are that from Monday November 24 to Wednesday November 26, everything in the store will be 20%. Every book, every notebook, every piece of merchandise. Fiction, non-fiction, kids books, whatever the hell you want, the evils of reading can be delivered into your hands for 20% cheaper than it usually is. Happy shopping!

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