Is pot delivery a path to riches? Maybe!

pot delivery
The hand holding that big is rich

We live in a golden age of sorts for enjoyers of the scourge known as marijuana. Police just laugh at you when they catch you smoking it (if you’re white, anyway), and if it’s stronger than it was the the 60s like your parents keep saying, well who cares? Just means you can smoke less of it, and therefore buy less, saving money. And while users are having a great time, it sounds like dealers might be too, if a recent HuffPo profile of a pot dealer is to be believed.

A HuffPo writer talked to “Adam,” a former pot dealer who said he pulled down $250 per day delivering sticky icky to folks from Greenpoint to Park Slope. $25o a day! That’s $1,250 per week if you do it five days per week, and $65,000 per year. Here’s the amount of jobs I’ve ever had that pay me anything approaching sixty thousand dollars per year: zero. None jobs. Even when I was delivering stuff on my bike (artisan bread), I didn’t come close to making that kind of scratch. And despite being a customer service-heavy job, Adam didn’t even need to hang out and make small talk with his customers, which makes it better than a job at Trader Joe’s.

Now obviously it comes with risks, namely going to jail, and that 65K comes with expenses like buying more pot to sell and fixing your bike if you screw it up. But, really, how much are you making at your office job, and how much do you hate it? The article even mentions that cops barely even lean on couriers who get caught because the delivery services are organized to prevent snitching from working.

Now again, this is all illegal, but at this point it’s becoming as illegal as jaywalking. Not to mention that once pot is legalized and all bought up by Marlboro and InBev, the humble weed delivery man will go the way of the Pony Express, so the job will only be around for so much longer. So we won’t tell you to quit your job and get a delivery job. We just wouldn’t try to talk you out of it, and neither should your friends.

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