Portland blogger wants to kill us

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If you see this man in Brooklyn, please tell us!

When you get together some friends at a coffee shop and shoot a video, interesting things happen. As of this writing, 24k people have watched Brokelandia, our sendup of the Brooklyn food scene and homage to the hit show Portlandia. Many said nice things on Twitter and Facebook (thanks!), including New York Times national editor Sam Sifton (“These people are real”) and the folks from Portlandia, who put it on their Facebook page (thanks!). Some people didn’t like Brokelandia,  including Gothamist commenters and a Portland Mercury blogger named WM. Steve Humphrey (pictured here). Humphrey cited three reasons he wanted to “kill everyone and everything associated with this project.” Whoa, even the baby?

It’s possible — and this is someone with a showbizzy little TM symbol next to the WM. in his name  — that he’s working the “cranky blogger” angle to land some kind of Portlandia cameo, but we just wanted to issue a formal threat alert (level: sparkly rainbow) in case you don’t see a blog post from us for a while, or if suddenly you see lots of stories about golf shirts. Please be on guard if you see a blondish dude with a menacing grin busting out the fosse moves. That hand might not be his.

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