Sew surprising: The most popular job in New York is ‘fashion designer’

Diane von Furstenberg
Make no mistake: Diane von Furstenberg is smiling because she’s planning to destroy you, the competition. via Facebook

Have you ever wondered what the most popular job in New York State is? By which we mean jobs disproportionally held by people compared to the state’s population. If you’d put us on the spot, we’d have picked “corrupt state legislator” or “finance creature reeking of self-satisfaction.” It turns out though, that when you do the math like Business Insider did, the most popular job by population here is “fashion designer.” We bet corrupt politician is probably up there, though.

Business Insider wanted to see the jobs that states seem to attract people to in extremely high proportions, so they looked at some data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It turns out, for starters that there are 17,370 fashion designer jobs in the country as a whole, out of 132,588,810 people with jobs in the whole country, which means 1.3 people per 10,000 are fashion designers. But in New York, we’ve got 7,180 fashion designers out of 8,635,400 working people, which means 8.3 jobs out of every 10,000 in New York is a fashion designer job.

So now you that you know that the person you’re hitting on in the bar probably designs clothes, do with that knowledge what you will. Of course, if you’re like us, you’re more intrigued by the fact that eight million people in New York even have a job. Well, that and the fact that, given all the meat you can get from one roadkill moose you can pick up yourself, that Alaska has a higher proportion of butchers in their borders than anywhere else in the country.

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