Poll: Will Brooklyn nix the Flix?

No price increase should bother you as much as this movie

The internets have been pumping rage at the Netflix price increase of 60 percent and fracking with the options enough to put a damper on our plans to rewatch the entire Battlestar¬†Galactica¬†this summer. That’s why we’re holding our NOTflix DVD swap on Wednesday to encourage old-school movie sharing sans red envelopes. But all told, the plans for unlimited movie access is practically half the cost of seeing a film at your local gagaplex, and the snacks are way cheaper. So we’re asking: will your Netflix habits will change? Will you watch fewer movies, read more books, or just suck it up and pay? Is this the end of the DVD as we know it? We’ve started a Notflix Facebook group just to discuss these kinds of questions: head over there now and weigh in on our poll! It’s as scientific as a FB poll gets, but if the results are interesting we’ll share them with the world.

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