Poll: Stupid men still insist on being the ones to pay for dates

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Like this, but instead of jewelry it’s a dinner from not a fast food place

Dating. Everyone loves the world of dating, because it’s such anxiety-free zone without things like expectations, performance and superficiality to worry about. The one and only thing about dating we can’t seem to solve forever is who pays when two people get together for dinner before having sex in a bar bathroom. Well actually, if research from USA Today is to be believed, stupid dudes are holding on to the idea that they should pay for dinner and drinks. Holding on tighter than they’ll hold their special lady, that’s for sure.

In an effort to find out once and for all what Americans think of dating, USA Today, in partnership with ChristianMingle and JDate, asked 2,647 single people between 18 and 55 how texting affects dating, if monogamy is an outdated behavior beaten into us by religion and government (in so many words) and how should pay for a date. 69 percent of men held fast to the belief that guys should pay for everything. Probably so they could keep joking about how even though they pay for everything, feminism still exists, and other equally stupid golf club jokes.

And while 55% of women also said that guys should pay, much more of them took the sane positions like equally split it (18% to 12% in favor of women) or it depends on who asked out who (23% to 12% in favor of women). No one thought women should pay exclusively, but really, why would women want to pay for some jerk who might not even provide  slow rhythmic clitoral stimulation. Guys, take it from women and let them flex a little bit of their financial muscle, especially if they have the better date idea. Nobody wins by having one gender always on the hook for the tab, except for relationship advice hucksters and awful hacky comedians like Daniel Tosh.

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