Pleading to be heard: Jackie’s 5th Amendment has a reading series now

Jackie's Fifth Amendment
Dive in. Photo by Dave Colon

Brooklyn bars have to be kind of nimble and light on their feet, because neighborhoods are always changing and there are a ton of bars to compete with. Even if you’re Jackie’s Fifth Amendment, best dive bar in Brooklyn, times change a little bit and you might be curious about branching out a bit. So that’s how a place that’s known more for buckets of nips and trying to secede from Park Slope came to have a┬áliterary┬áseries in their back room.

Fortunately, the bar isn’t completely changing its ways: still no children or strollers allowed in the bar. But DNA Info talked to Ed Kearns, a Ditmas Park resident who started the series, called Buzzard’s Banquet about why he started it and how it’s been received. Kearns told the site that he started it to break out of the usual spots where readings are usually held, and no, no one’s been hit with a bottle by a regular yet. The next reading is July 18 at 8pm if you want to check it out, but we also recommend going to Jackie’s just sit there and drink. It’s still really good for that.

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