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Someone finally found a way to improve on the pickleback and it’s genius

Someone finally found a way to improve on the pickleback and it's genius
We’re firing our whole R&D department for not thinking of this first. Via screenshot.

The creation of the pickleback is one of Brooklyn’s proudest bar traditions. As legend has it, the pickleback originated at Bushwick Country Club, where a bartender used the salty brine as a clever cover up for the biting taste of cheap whiskey shots. Like most things that are truly New York, they disgust people who live elsewhere in the country. But for the past decade that they’ve been around, the pickleback, a perfectly simple libationaly coupling, has resisted most attempts at improvement and deflected the allure of the artisanal rebrand, especially since Bushwick Country Club started with McClure’s pickle juice, meaning there was nowhere to go but down (the LES’s excellent veggie restaurant Dirt Candy offers one with beet juice but since they use vodka, that seems like its own creation all together).

Until now, that is: Someone has finally improved on the pickleback … by adding even more pickle. Food site Delish this week has brought us a pickleback innovation so simple we’re mad we didn’t think of it ourselves: putting pickleback shots in scooped-out pickles.

All you need is a thick, whole pickle (of which there are many great varieties in NYC, from those LES Pickle Guys to the the barrel at the grocery store), a melon baller or anything to scoop out a pickle, whiskey and pickle juice. Scoop it, fill it, shoot it, eat it and smack your lips in delight. Delish made a video to show you how to do it:

What a time to be alive.

[h/t Jessica Wallen for the link]

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