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Pick over 5,000 $1 LPs at Black Gold’s record sale Saturday

black gold records
They’re waiting for you. Photo via Jeff Ogiba

Say you just got a record player for your birthday, but the only record your jerk friends got you to go with it is Joe Piscopo’s “New Jersey.” Just hypothetically speaking of course. Don’t give up on your vinyl dream just yet though, because Black Gold Records (461 Court Street) is back with their biggest Gold Dig yet on Saturday, with over 5,000 LPs on sale for just $1.

Yep, you read that right, over 5,000 LPs will be priced at $1, neatly put in crates for you to dig through, spot a good thing, grab it at the same time as someone else and go about furiously slapfighting each other over it until someone comes away victorious. If you’re real fancy, maybe you can even get there early with a wad of cash totaling up to $5,000 and just walk away with everything. And we mean it about getting there early and coming with cash. The sale is cash only and here’s a picture of what the last Gold Dig sale looked like:


Why the line? Because Black Gold isn’t just getting rid of a bunch of bullshit records no one wants, they’re just trying to clear out some space for their new arrivals. So that means you can find some awesome things like test pressings, jazz, soul and blues records and even mystery records that are still sealed. Everyone loves a mystery. The doors are thrown open to the record-hungry masses at 10am on Saturday, October 18, so make sure you don’t stay up too late on Friday. Or just take a bunch of pills that keep you up until then.

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