Photoville has free photography workshops and talks

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Photoville’s a great chance to see cool photography in cool storage containers with a cool view of the skyline. But there’s a lot more to do at Photoville than just looking at pictures. For the next two weekends (September 19-21, September 27 and 28), they’ll have all kinds of free photography-centered talks and classes at Brooklyn Bridge Park with industry tips, technical advice, and stories from career photographers. There’s even a happy hour with an informal peer review where you can show everyone just how great your work is.

Talks are geared toward a range of levels, from ones on building a camera out of anything to a breakdown of legal advice for photographers to a look at contemporary Polish photography. Most importantly, one lecture seeks to answer the age-old (since 2010) question, “Can Instagram make you money?” We’ve been trying to figure this out for many (3-4) years, especially since every other way to make money from something involving grams we can think of could end kind of badly. We’re really hoping this lecture teaches us how to filter and double tap bills away, or at least give us tips on how to finally become someone’s #freelancrushfriday.

Like we said every class is free, but they’re also first-come first-served, so make sure you get there early if there’s a class you’re really into.

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