Scenes from a strike: Occupy Wall Street’s back, all right

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NYPD guarding our most valuable resource. Photos by Timothy Krause.

While they fell far short of a citywide general strike, Occupy Wall Street’s May Day protests did manage to be exuberant, boisterous, playfully confrontational and, yes, well-attended, despite what you might have seen (or failed to see because of lack of coverage) in mainstream media. I missed the morning’s events, but the afternoon mass meeting at Union Square and the march south down Broadway to Wall Street and the financial district were blissful and showed democracy and city life as they should be lived: sweating, shouting, smiling, in a crowd of strangers who somehow feel like friends. And those lovely surreal moments, like these three NYPD standing their ground at an American Apparel store, with a phalanx of summer sportswear–clad mannequins at their back.

Sack is the preferred choice of money storage for the 1 percent.
Balancing photos.
The Rude Mechanical Orchestra limbo line at Occupy Wall Street

Even the transit workers got in on it.
Dance those 99 percent blues away.

See many more photos from yesterday’s action on Flickr.

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  1. somewhere between 400-700 aresetrd. As they approached the bridge, they were divided (they being the protesters). Keep in mind that 2 days prior to the march, JP Morgan Chase made a multi-million Dollar donation to the Police Department. ??? 0 0

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