The Brooklyn Mutt Show: Star Trek dogs vs. Star Wars mutts

Yoda puppy, this is. From the Dogobah System, he is.

The Brooklyn Mutt Show 2012, sponsored by Brooklyn Bark at the Brooklyn Lyceum this weekend, featured two entire days of doggy-style fun and zaniness: competitions, classes in pet first aid and CPR, dog portraits, even celebrity judges! We attended the second day of the Show, and witnessed the last two competitions, the nail-biting face-off between Star Wars– and Star Trek–costumed dogs (which featured an uncannily “lifelike” Yoda costume), and the final contest, Best of Beast. Energy was high, from the pride of the owners (or “companions,” or “humans,” if you prefer) to the unbridled joy of the many children in attendance, all delighted by the dogs on display. Here are some of our favorite shots, but you can see the full set on Flickr.

James Tiberius Kirk
Yes, that's a Laura Palmer dog.
NeNe being carried.
Uhura in garb.
Do you ever see Yoda kissing a Trek ship's counselor? That's "Boi" dressed as Trek's Deanna Troi.
Lilly, Yoda No. 1, won points for going green, and won the Star Trek vs. Star Wars dog competition.

See more pictures of nerd dogs here.

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