LAST DAY! The best of the Great BK Thaw

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The condom.

Spring is in the air, and crumpled tubes of hemorrhoid cream are on the sidewalks. Yesterday, we spotted this one amid the melting slush on Pacific Street, within 20 feet of a dead rat resting his head on a diaper, a used condom swollen into a balloon by its gasified contents and a trail of defrosting dog poop. The snow is gone, at least for a few days, and two months’ of trash-bag spillage is emerging from its wintry slumber. What unsightly or perhaps even beautiful horrors hath the Great Thaw of 2011 wrought on your block? Submit photos to our new Brokelyn Flickr pool by, oh, March 1. We’ll run good ones in the blog and pick a winner. The prize? Something fun. Condom after the jump, dead rat here (warning: graphic).





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  1. uh, according to a preliminary survey of the Great Brooklyn Thaw, those snow pikes were made of 98 percent dog poop

  2. I thought the rat would be gross, but really he just looks sad! Dare I say I’m feeling a little sympathetic for the poor little dude.

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