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People who hated ‘Bridging Gowanus’ are doing their own version, ‘Take Back Gowanus’

That’s democracy you smell right there. via Flickr user Allison Meier

Here’s the thing about democracy: While it’s the best form of government we have, short of being ruled by some kind of literally perfect and omniscient superman (and even the actual Superman himself couldn’t run a country without being an asshole), it’s also kind of exhausting to hear everyone out all the time. That being said, it’s much better than the alternative, so we welcome the fact that people unhappy with Bridging Gowanus are doing their own community zoning meeting called Take Back Gowanus on Wednesday July 9.

According to Pardon Me For Asking, there was enough frustration with Brad Lander-sponsored community planning meetings Bridging Gowanus, that less development-oriented organizations are meeting to come up with a counter-plan to the one that comes out of Bridging Gowanus. A story about the final Bridging Gowanus meeting, held last week, touched on frustration by neighborhood activists that the tone of the discussion was too developer friendly, too scripted and not democratic enough.

So frustrated participants will meet Wednesday, July 9 at 7pm at the Green Building (452 Union Street) to craft what they’re pitching as a more democratic plan, that sounds like it will lean less on residential rezoning. There’s only one way to find out (and argue) though, and that’s to show up and be heard.

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