Penguin Books needs some nice handsome boys for a modeling job

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Don’t worry, you don’t have to be quite this handsome though

Hey dudes, when you walk down the street, do people stop and stare at you? Do joggers run up in front of you to take selfies with you? Great, you’re handsome, congratulation. Now here’s a chance for you to use those looks before the ravages of age take them away from you: Penguin Books needs a dozen or so male models to be meat for a youth activity book. The pros? You get $100. The cons? Some kid possibly recognizes you in 15 years and tells you that you didn’t age well.

The model call doesn’t ask for much, and you didn’t even have to be professionally registered with the government as a model or anything. Just be “handsome to cute,” (like certain Brokelyn staff) and be whatever race you were born as, they’re looking for a racially diverse group. Penguin needs your faces so that they can be part of a mix-and-match activity in the book, where parts of your face could be combined with that of other models. So don’t be that attached to your face’s physical integrity.

If you want in, shoot an email with a headshot, two pictures of you looking relaxed and a resume to karl [at] $100 and a copy of the book you’d be in, just for being deemed a handsome sonofabitch. What did those dudes in the half-marathon selfie pictures get? Nothing, that’s what.

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