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Party like it’s 1997: Drafts at The Gate are $5 this month

the gate brooklyn
That’s a whole lotta fives. via Facebook

Ah, 1997, a much simpler time. The economy was humming along, built on a rickety claptrap of cheap money that would in no way come back to bite us. AOL was king of the internet. Our mayor stood behind the police when they killed a guy, instead of mildly suggesting they were wrong sometimes. And in Park Slope, a dog-friendly bar was opening their doors and their yard to the world. That bar was The Gate, and to celebrate their 19th year in business, they’re rolling back prices on 20 of their draft beers to $5 all month, just like they were pricing them in 1997.

Now, in case you hadn’t heard, we’re putting together this year’s edition of the Beer Books. Since those won’t be shipped until February, The Gate’s 19th anniversary celebration is a great way to keep your cheap beer fix until you take your Beer Book out of its envelope and clutch it to your chest. Just look at that list up there, those are all solid craft beers, and they’re five dollars all damn month. Not just a happy hour and not just for a week, but $5 craft beers for a whole month. Sadly, when we asked our landlord to run this deal too, he just laughed. Oh well, maybe next year.

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