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Party over easy: Tom’s Restaurant plans to start serving beer

tom's resturant
Prospect Heights’ hot new nightlife spot (haha, just kidding CB8!) via Flickr user Carl Collins

If there’s one thing we love here at Brokelyn, it’s a good diner. Sitting down for a cheap, unpretentious plate of eggs benedict or pancakes is one of the simple joys in life, and one place that excels at providing that experience is Tom’s Restaurant in Prospect Heights. We didn’t think there was a way for the neighborhood mainstay to get any better, but now DNA Info is reporting that they’re going to start serving beer, so that shows what we know. Oh, they’re going to serve dinner seven days a week now too, for those of you who care more about dinner than drinking.

Tom’s which went 80 years serving up breakfast and lunch, has decided they want to get into this hot new dinner thing that all the kids are talking about. They also got approval from a committee on Community Board 8 for a liquor license, so that you can drink a beer with your pancakes, which is about the most filling meal we can possibly think of. The restaurant also plans on adding more seating to its backroom, which should make it easier for Brokelyn to have our annual Christmas/year-end breakfast there, although we don’t imagine that’s why this move is being made.

Nothing is set completely in stone yet, since the request also has to go to the full Community Board and then the State Liquor Authority, but something tells us that being an an institution for almost a century allows you to build up goodwill with your neighbors who hold the power over beer and no beer.

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