Park Slope’s United Methodist Book Sale wants your books

park slope methodist book sale
They could be picking over your unwanted books! via Facebook

You guys seem like a well-read group, so here’s a situation you might be able to help out with, since being well-read sometimes also means having a bunch of books sitting around that you don’t like or have no more use for. Hell, you might even have a pile you keep saying you’ll read when you know you won’t. If you’ve got extra books and have to do something with them, Park Slope Stoop has the answer: give them to the United Methodist Book Sale.

Everyone loves the book sale at the United Methodist Church (410 6th Avenue) every year, but church has to get the cheap books they’re selling from somewhere, right? Right. Turns out you can dump (figuratively, not literally) your unwanted tomes with them so that copy of theĀ His Dark Materials trilogy you’re never gonna read can find a good home/become someone else’s problem. The book sale isn’t just taking books, they’ll also take DVDs, CDs and vinyl too, in case you somehow still own some CDs. The drop off dates and times are:

Saturday, February 14, 12pm-4pm
Sunday, February 15, 3pm-6pm
Monday, February 16, 10am-5pm
Tuesday, February 17, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, February 19, 12pm-6pm
Friday, February 20, 12pm-6pm

Just remember what you donated so that if you go to the sale next weekend, you don’t come across it and go “Oh man, I’ve gotta get this!” That’d be embarrassing.

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