Park Slope’s infamous ‘Fabulous’ mom launches blog

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We think Courtney is second from the left.

Members of the Park Slope Parents community may remember a posting a few weeks ago by one Courtney W., a transplanted California mom who railed against the dowdy winter uniform of the typical Park Slope mom. Courtney herself prefers over-the-knee Prada boots, Alexander Wang cowl necks and J. Mendel furs to North Face sleeping-bag coats and Nepalese mittens.

For the most part, the PSP hive mind did not appreciate her fashion critique. Responses mainly accused her of insensitivity to the plight of Haitians and general superficiality (um, duh). One used her post to ignite a circumcision debate. (Who is that dude on the listserv who manages to turn every debate back to his missing foreskin??? He won’t be satisfied until everybody in Brooklyn has spent at least five minutes contemplating his penis.) We got in touch with Courtney and told her to launch a blog called Fabulous in Park Slope. For some reason, she listened! FAPS  isn’t the usual Brokelyn fare—her kid’s named Cash and from the sounds of things he has plenty of company around the W. household—but here it is.

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    1. I like the idea of her blog–it’s refreshing, but there were so many typos, punctuation and spelling mistakes I got tired of trying to read it. I just don’t get it. If you’re going to bother to have a blog, can’t you reread what you’ve written just once and correct a few mistakes?

    2. I had the pleasure of knowing Courtney Winslow for many years and I have to write to defend her. She is a very kind person that would help anyone out if needed. There was nothing wrong with her voiceing her oppinnon, but to be mean and cruel is uncalled for.

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