Park Slopers enraged by glut of frozen yogurt

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The frogurt is also cursed. via betanews

Not to be outdone by their gentrifying fellows in Carroll Gardens, Park Slope residents have taken to complaining about the glut of frozen yogurt shops popping up in their previously untamed and industrial neighborhood. According to DNAInfo, the Slopers have turned to such extreme measures as commenting on blogs and writing “WTF” on a “Coming Soon” banner outside of an imminent fro yo place . Ordinarily we might take a more jaundiced eye and snark something like “Live by the gentrifying, die by the gentrifying,” but they do kind of have a point.

The fact of the matter is, there is nothing more disappointing in life than really wanting ice cream and having to settle for frozen yogurt, especially if the toppings contain potassium benzoate. It’s not like it’s that much healthier, and yet they position themselves as an option for the calorie conscious. Frozen yogurt is to dessert what handjobs are to sex: it gets the job done, but ultimately leaves all parties unsatisfied. So go on, you stroller warriors, fight for your right to good dessert options.

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