Park Slope school protects students, bans rainbow loom bracelets

Look for the warning signs on your child's arms. via Flickr user Blake Facey
Look for the warning signs on your child’s arms. via Flickr user Blake Facey

Part of the deal when you drop your kids off at school for 8 or 10 hours is that the school agrees to watch and protect them during that time, as well as educate them. So it’s easy to see why one Park Slope principal took action and stepped in to fight the addictive behavior that is…uh, rainbow loom bracelets, happening in her own school. Can we get DARE on this?

OK, so actually this story of “banning thing kids like” probably wouldn’t go anywhere, except for the fact that Eve Litwack, principal of Park Slope’s P.S. 107, told DNA Info that “It’s an addiction.” To prove it, she pointed out that kids were making the looms in secret, in their desks instead of paying attention in class. And we all know how kids love to learn.

Still, Litwack should consider herself fortunate that the lousy kids she’s tasked with watching are at least into something that promotes creativity, since the kids need to make the bracelets. When we were in school it was all Tamagotchis and pogs, and those things didn’t teach you jack shit.

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