Park Slope child salon tormented by ‘Lulu’s Anal Bleaching’ wifi

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No anal bleaching here, no sir. via Facebook

You guys put a lot of thought into your WiFi name? Obviously it can be fun to name it after an inside joke or after your favorite canceled sci-fi show (miss you, Firefly). That being said, we’ve never heard of someone launching a campaign of psychological terror with a WiFi name, like a neighbor of Park Slope children’s hair salon Lulu’s Cuts and Toys has, by naming their WiFi “Lulu’s Anal Bleaching.” Oh Park Slope, never change.

Gawker got the tip on this one, which was brought to light in the bergenbtwn4and5 Google group (that is now tragically set to private). On a thread there, the owner of Lulu’s shared the story of how some mischievous prankster decided that the best reaction to a shop promising “beautiful and stylish” haircuts for children was to also suggest they offer anal bleaching. No one, not Verizon or Time Warner or the 78th Precinct has been able to help, because the person is anonymous. Also, we’re no fancy educated lawyers, but is this even a crime?

Anyway, as people who firmly believe that children should get to be free of the fashion world’s standards and remain ugly until they at least hit double digits in their age, we think this is really funny. Keep your kids unstylish, America, it’s for the best.

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