Park Slope breastfeeding boutique Boing Boing closing its doors

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No longer at your cervix. via Facebook

Hey, remember Boing Boing, the Park Slope breastfeeding boutique that offered discounts to lesbian couples and whose owner wrote about the possibility of being priced out of Park Slope? That possibility has become a reality it turns out, because according to Here’s Park Slope, owner Karen Paperno is closing Boing Boing’s doors in order to focus on a charity trip to Haiti.

It’s not clear when Boing Boing will be closing, but Paperno’s email said the store would be closing soon. In the meantime, she’s raising money through Indiegogo to help finance her trip to Haiti with Rockin Baby Sling, where she says she’ll help the company deliver baby slings and breast feeding advice to Haitian moms. So on the one hand, Park Slope will lose a local business owned by someone who filled a niche, but on the other hand, at least there’s room for Papa John’s now.

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