Paint your way to wealth with an artist’s grant from Two Hustlers

two hustlers
Have you made a bunch of crazy stuff like this? If Two Hustlers likes it, there’s some cash in it for you. via Facebook

If you majored in a fine art (or even the humanities), chances are you were like me and thought it was a get rich quick scheme. While your parents may have advised you to add an econ or poli-sci concentration alongside your sculpture major, you knew the real money was in experimental performance art flash fiction.  And yet, you’re still reading Brokelyn. Over stolen wifi. On your roommate’s ex’s iPad.

Now’s your chance to prove yourself, with an artist’s grant from “new-media creative lab” Two Hustlers and their partners Studio Formichetti.

Get your best work together and submit a portfolio of five samples, an artist statement and a short bio for the chance to get a grant that will include a “substantial cash award,” having your work showcased in Two Hustlers’ TriBeCa gallery and other fun and practical prizes like portfolio reviews, studio time and future collaborations!

The deadline for your work is June 15, so you’d better hurry up crafting an artist statement explaining as best you can how your art represents capitalism eating its own tail or something and sending it all to grant [AT] Six winners will be chosen, so it’s not quite a dog-eat-dog thing, unless you wind up being the seventh dog of course.

Good luck, and feel free to share some of the fame and fortune winning this brings you with your pals at Brokelyn.

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