Package pick-up service Parcel launches in Brooklyn tomorrow

nick gilronan
Will this be the person delivering your package? Sadly, probably not. Photo by Mary Dorn

Hey you, with the out-of-town friends. Expecting some lovely Christmas gifts but can’t ever be home to sign for the UPS packages? Why don’t you just get your doorman to get it? Oh right, this Brokelyn, you don’t have a doorman. Well, don’t worry about it, because remember how we told you about Parcel earlier this year, that service that holds your packages for you and delivers them when you’re home? They’re launching the service in Brooklyn tomorrow.

If you weren’t aware of Parcel, this is how it works: They give you a shipping address to use after you’ve signed up with them, and if you want a package delivered to said address, it’ll run you five bucks per delivery. The reason that’s worth it though, is because then they’ll deliver it to you anytime between 7pm and 11pm, Monday through Friday, when you’re more likely to be home. So, hardworking mailmen and mailwomen can deliver packages without you hating them, Parcel can get five dollars and you can get your mysterious package from Amsterdam that absolutely isn’t drugs, what are you talking about, it’s full of peanut shells because that’s what friends send to each other.

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