Our man Tim Donnelly is Broke-Ass of the week!

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Tim yelling at an unsuspecting sandwich.

Maybe you’ve read his posts on cheap beer, hauling your crap home from Ikea, or where to find last-minute tax advice. In the nearly 11 months since Brokelyn threw open its doors, contributing editor Tim Donnelly has been enlivening our web mag with his charming wit and tireless reporting chops, the kind you only get from toiling in the salt mines of daily newspaper journalism. We love Tim and you will too when you read his well-deserved star turn as Broke-Ass of the Week on Broke-Ass Stuart, a kindred site about life on the cheap in San Francisco and New York. Read all about our humble brokesperson’s favorite hangover cure (it involves soy chorizo), his Monday night hang, and the time he was paid $800 and bumped up to first class on Virgin Airlines. Want to be just like Tim? Email us here to write your very own stories for Brokelyn, or come meet him and the rest of the Brokelyn crew at the BK blogger meatup tonight.

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