Our glasses giveaway with Lookmatic has been extended!

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Virtual try-on: a feature so easy to use, that even dogs in hats can do it. Via Lookmatic.

[sponsored_by name=”Lookmatic” url=”http://www.lookmatic.com/?utm_source=Brokelyn&utm_medium=CPM&utm_campaign=BrokelynFeb” logo=”https://brokelyn.com/app/uploads/2013/02/120×60-logo.jpg” byline=”Lookmatic provides great looking eyewear fully loaded with your prescription lenses for only $95.”]

So we’ve all heard the news about GoogleGlasses being out in the world, and Google’s attempts to make them look super cool. But even if they are just around the corner, it’s not as if you, the average joe, are going to be able to afford a pair. But you still need new glasses because maybe one side of the bridge of your pair fell off and the glasses are digging into your nose whenever you wear them. But you’re broke? What to do? How about enter our awesome glasses giveaway from the good people at Lookmatic?

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